One time donations!

Patreon donation is a subscription based things so we added the possibility to do one time donation with Paypal, SEPA transfer, or direct Paypal.

SEPA information:
IBAN: CZ5620100000002401193244

Direct PayPal:

PayPal Donation:

Any contributions are still welcome and the same rules apply as for the Patreon donations:

$1 you get a skin that you chose
$5 we will change color of one your dino
$10 you will receive ascendant blueprint for an item of your chosing
$20 you will receive 100 Element

All of the tiers do include the one above it. So with the Color change you should also get the skin.

Please include your Steam name or Ingame Name so we can link the payment to you(Or message me via the forum, email(, ingame, steam)