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Make the server great again!  


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06/06/2019 7:14 pm  

Hi there !


I've been playing on your server network for a few days, I'm noone really special. I am just wondering how a server cluster with these expansions on all the most played maps, a proper website, voice server and some regular players every day, is still not used by new players on a daily basis.


I, who again is not familiar with your network at all and just judging by observing, think, that some kind of advertisement for your server should bring some new names onto the network. Get your server highlited in some ark-server lists by signing it up there and get a vote reward system going. This will give your players the opportunity to vote your servers up, which again will have a positive effect on your placement on the list.


There are servers who havent been on for half the time you have been hosting, and still occupy spot no.1 on the server lists, just by playtime and, most importantly, voting of players.


It's just an idea 🙂 Yes, I include myself in a group of players who enjoy playing without too many trolls or players online, but still, some new faces are always nice and spice things up a bit.