Server Settings (original without any bonus rates on)


No Mods

No Wipes

150 Max Wild Dino Level

2x Xp

5x Harvesting

5x Taming speed

5x Mating speed

10x Hatching speed

9x Maturing speed

2x Baby Food Consumption

4 hours Baby Cuddle

2 hours Dead Corpse

Decay timers for tamed dinos: 15 day

2 hours Dead Corpse

Auto Demolish Enabled

MaxPersonalTamedDinos = 250

Decay timers for structures:

8 days for thatch

16 days for wood

16 days for adobe

16 days for electric cables

24 days for stone

30 days for greenhouse

32 days for metal

40 days for tek

Server list

About server is an ARK: Survival Evolved cluster server. It has been founded in 2016 and been live every since!

We don't have any mods to keep the vanilla feeling, and the boosted rates help us enjoy the game without farming all day.

We have active admins and a helpful community.

Discord server link

Join our discord server to get latest updates


In-game rules

  • Demolishibale structures can be demolished
  • Killing players, dropping dinos, luring dinos and meshing into player's bases is not allowed
  • No pillar or foundation spam (make sure to build the claimed part within 48hours of placement)
  • Tribe disputes have to be resolved between the tribemembers.
  • Do not block cave entrances, resources, obelisks and artifacts
  • Exploiting bugs, meshing and any other "cheaty" means will not be tolerated
  • Global in-game chat must be in English (feel free to speak any language you like in local, tribe or ally chat)
  • Traps, cages and spikes must be cleared (punishment may be given to those who are found not obeying this rule)
  • Any dinos which are left on breed in the open WILL keep breeding and eggs/offspring will be produced making it claimable by anyone so make sure you close your base accordingly.
  • If you leave fertilized eggs in the open we will not refund or take any action
  • Do not build big bases within render range of other tribe main base
  • If transferring a lot of materials, blueprints, dinos or building materials please warn in global chat before downloading survivor and wait 5mins. Multiple successive transfers are prohibited and each player must wait 1 hour before doing another transfer.

Discord rules

  • No racism, harassment, sexism or any other derogatory terms in discord AND in game (this includes religious beliefs)
  • No spam or advertisements
  • Do not spam other channels with topics which may be spoken in the #General channel
  • No spamming in the #Admin_Support channel. Try to write down your problem in one message. (Map name; coordinates; in-game name;
  • Admin help is not obligatory and have to accept the possibility of not getting assistance in a short period of time
  • Use the appropriate meme channels (NSFW and SFW) join the NSFW channel at your own risks
  • No advertising other ARK servers/communities in our servers/Discord

General rules

  • DO NOT private message the Admins unless really necessary
  • Item/dino restoration for high quality stuff (capped gear, bred/boss dinos, etc) will be done only if there is rock solid evidence of said items/dinos were lost (videos for example)


If you would like to help us cover the server costs, we appreciate your donation:

Discord Name required in the comment section

Donations Tiers

Amount Equals
5 € 6 Skins + 50 element
10 € 2 Dino color change + 6 Skins + 100 element
15 € 1 Chibi of your choice + 2 Dino color change + 6 Skins + 150 element
20 € 1 Dino of your choice + 1 Chibi of your choice + 2 Dino color change + 6 Skins + 200 element
30 € 1 Blueprint of your choice + 1 Dino of your choice + 1 Chibi of your choice + 2 Dino color change + 6 Skins + 250 element
45 € 1 Blueprint of your choice + 2 Dino of your choice + 2 Chibi of your choice + 3 Dino color change + 6 Skins + 300 element
50 € 2 Blueprint of your choice + 2Dino of your choice + 2Chibi of your choice + 3 Dino color change + 6 Skins + 350 element

Please keep in mind, donations are only available for the PvE cluster!

ARKROCKS EVO Event Donation

Another way of helping with server costs is donating towards the ARKROCKS EVO event. What is ARKROCKS EVO? An additional 4x to breeding and 3x to xp, 2x to harvesting (so all in all: 6x XP multipliers, 10x harvesting, 40x hatching, 36x maturing speed with 1h imprint timer).

Every 30 € will trigger an ARKROCKS EVO event, for 2 days chosen by the community. Please put your discord name and the intention (ARKROCKS EVO) into the comment section of the donation so we know you'll be donating for the event. If you donate for this event, you won't be eligible for donation rewards.

Every donator receives the @Donator role in Discord.

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